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We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Warsaw Spire


Ghelamco Group

WARSAW SPIRE constitutes a compound of three office buildings. Its skyscraper makes the tallest
office building in Warsaw and one of the highest in Europe. It is 188m high (ca. 220m with the
needle). There are two 55m building on sides. The investment embraces ca. 100 000m2 of modern
office space. There is a parking lot under the building housing over 1000 vehicles. There is a vast open
space inside the compound, available for the public, containing small architecture and green areas.
GEO-KAT has executed:
• Fire Detection System (SSP)
• Audio Alarm System (DSO)
• Gas Detection System (CO/LPG)
• Gas Extinguishing System
• Complete database for one of the key tenants of the building