We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Services we provide


Through a constant analysis of the market and its rapidly evolving requirements, GEO-KAT offers its Clients a wide variety of installation works of all the systems in our offer.

Due to realisation of highly complex and elaborate projects, we have become a trustful partner. The experience we have gathered and invented concepts still spawn further innovations and high quality solutions.

Scope of services:

Project Management


Our team is created by the best and well experienced installers, with a thorough knowledge and unique qualifications on the market. In order to maintain a high quality of delivered services, they all possess the required licences and certificates, among others: Technical Security License 1st and 2nd category as well as Security Clearance level: "Restricted".

We are particular about equipping out teams of experts in most recent technical knowledge. We constantly develop our skills and upgrade the levels of technical awareness, which is certified by our numerous competences.

Our experience, skills and wide technical knowledge allow for the execution of both simple and most complex projects, applying most developed technological solutions. GEO-KAT’s Realisation Department delivers services in scope of installations and assembly of systems along with take-overs by the appropriate authorities. We deliver equipment, provide operational supervision, execute upgrading and modernisation works in terms of the installations, also the existing ones.



We have on our board well-qualified experts regarding programming, integration and systems commissioning. Our engineers have vast knowledge, experience and all necessary certificates allowing for the execution of programming and commissioning works for the security systems.

We implement solutions prepared not only by GEO-KAT’s designers but also on the grounds of documentation received from the Client. For bigger and more complex investments, we execute professional module unit teams committed to these very investments. Hence, we are able to concentrate on particular tasks and realise the most reliably. We also provide management and coordination of the entire project, carefully monitoring execution of all activities. '


The complexity of our services not only concerns new investments, but also applies to the upgrading of the existing facilities. We perform network upgrading, where the exiting systems need to be exchanged, are not compliant with the security guidelines, rearranging is being made.

Our engineers cooperate with the Client as early as by the upgrading concept elaboration of the installation. We are concerned about the quality and on-time delivery as well as the least influence on the existing arrangement of the existing building. '


We constantly expand our professional knowledge and eagerly share it with our Clients. Our cooperation with most the leading manufacturers, allows for supporting our Clients in terms of selecting the most suitable solution regarding technology, functionality and economics.br>
We offer technical consultancy including preparation of tender specifications, discipline guidelines for the investment as well as analysis of the designs and system installation within our offer.


Within our ranks, we have a specialized Design Office, where we realize all design and concept commissions for both small and bigger investors, in compliance with their individual guidelines regarding various systems. Our Designers perform concept designs, technical specifications, tender designs, execution designs and as-built documentation along with the priced bills of quantities.

All designs and technical documentation are prepared with the use of professional software, which significantly increases the quality of our technical elaborations.

Project Management :

We support our Clients on every step of realisation. We have a specialised team of project coordinators, who monitor the proper execution of tasks and activities on voluminous investments.

Within the scope of Project Management and Investment Management, we offer a wide range of performances, starting with support while design elaborating, through the coordination process of installation teams on Site, multidiscipline agreements, programming and system commissioning, technical take-overs, personnel trainings, up to delivering service and maintenance of the executes systems.

All this allows the Investor for savings in terms of installation cost, meeting the execution schedule, and moreover, to avoid troubles with integration and system communication and ultimately for an effective way of the property management.

What we offer :

Low-voltage Installations
BMS and Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficiency
Maintenance and Facility Management
Service Delivery
Delivery of Solutions