We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Telecom services


We deliver services regarding the construction and maintenance of the telecom infrastructure, ICT systems and data processing centres considering international standards and field norms, including very strict guidelines no. ANSI/TIA-942Bfor structures with the Rated 3/Tier III and Rated 4/Tier IV certificates.

The support of our engineers on every step of the investment (from the design up to the execution and commissioning) constitutes for our Clients the guarantee of effective (technical and economical) utilisation of all solution available on the market.

Scope of services:

Design and construction of telecom infrastructure:
Design and construction of data processing centres:

Design and construction of telecom infrastructure:

• Corporate and non-public networks: GPON

• Broadband Internet access: FTTx, HFC

• Backbone access network, indirect and direct

• Telecom power systems

• Point to point and point to multipoint radio connection

Design and construction of data processing centres

• Guaranteed power

• Copper cabling and optical fibres networks

• Structural cabling management systems

• Telecom cabinets and cross panels

• PDU moulding and STS devices

• Construction adaptation works

• Raised floors, cable ducts, precision Air Conditioning construction arrangements

• Precision Air Conditioning

What we offer :

Low-voltage Installations
BMS and Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficiency
Maintenance and Facility Management
Service Delivery
Delivery of Solutions