We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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BMS and Building Automation Systems


For the past 15 years, GEO-KAT has been delivering complex solutions regarding building automation.

The systems we have implemented increase the comfort and safety of building benefiters with the simultaneous cost reduction. We offer systems dedicated for all brands of structures, regardless the size, intended use and a field sector.

As a result of our cooperation with the leading manufacturers, our installations are executed in compliance with the Investors’ guidelines, utilizing the products they prefer or the products our system engineers suggest.

Scope of services:

BAS systems
BMS systems
HMS systems

BAS systems functionality:

• Integration and interaction of all the building systems

• Integration of lighting with HVAC installations, fire detection systems and other sub-systems of the building infrastructure

• Rendering and visualization of information derived from the entire building (heating and cooling systems, ventilation, A/C, lighting, blinders as well as fire detection and security systems)

• Data integration with the simultaneously existing building managing system, increasing the property value for the shareholders

BMS systems functionality:

• Internal and external lighting control

• Room heating control

• Ventilation, A/C, filtration control

• Alarm and monitoring systems control

• UPS power supply control

• Fire ventilation system control, fire protection valves monitoring and control

• Integration of other automation systems in the building

Benefits from using the BMS systems:

• Energy saving - due to integration of heating, ventilation and A/C and lighting systems

• Prospective analysis of data regarding power and media usage

• Prospective fast diagnosis of installation malfunctions and support with defining their causes

• Increasing the comfort of staying in rooms

HMS systems functionality:

• Heat control allowing for temperature adjustment in all apartment zones

• Ventilation and A/C control

• Lighting control and lighting intensity adjustment

• Blinders control

• Remote reading of electricity, water and gas meters

• Access control and monitoring of presence in the building

• Home management via the internet browse

The HMS capabilities are enormous, however, one should remember that while constructing even a small functional system, one should acknowledge the possibility of its development. GEO-KAT’s experts shall assist in selection of solutions tailored to your needs, accounting for the HMS installation future scalability.

What we offer :

Low-voltage Installations
BMS and Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficiency
Maintenance and Facility Management
Service Delivery
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