We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Maintenance and Facility Management


GEO-KAT offers not only design, installation and commission works. Our scope of services includes also servicing support like: servicing inspections and commission works, warranty and post-warranty inspections of telecom systems as well as others systems in our offer.

We also undertake provide maintenance of security systems, in compliance with the regulations and the structure guidelines. We perform devices interaction tests based upon the scenarios and fire protection matrix.

Acknowledging the Client’s comfort and time pressure, we always set a most appropriate time for our services. Our Servicing Department is on stand-by 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

The services provided by GEO-KAT in terms of the Facility Management combines a thorough servicing of a property or a public use facility, which allows he owner to save significant cost throughout the year for upkeeping the property. Due to a complex and appropriate servicing, is it possible to maintain the structure’s category at the due level

Scope of services:

Facility Management
Currently we are cooperating with:

Within our scope of works, GEO-KAT delivers:

• inspections and servicing within or post warranty of telecom and other installation systems

• comprehensive services in terms of Technical Property Servicing

• Client has at his disposal 24h/day online malfunction reporting system, which allows to report the failure, verify its status and update data

• reporting in compliance with the Client’s requirements, including the status, inspection results and feedback, KPI/SLA

• warehouse of the interchangeable items and alternative devices provided by the Client

Within the scope of technical servicing, GEO-KAT delivers:

• maintenance and management of ICT and telecom infrastructure in the building

• maintenance of HVAC installations (sanitary, venting, cooling)

• maintenance of water and sewage systems

• execution and maintenance of telecom systems in terms of safety and audio-visual installations

• energy management

• technical emergency and phone tutorials

• safety and photometric tests of lighting electrical appliances

• supervision over proper upkeeping of documentation

• maintenance, servicing and regular inspections

• monitoring and control over the system and installations

Within the scope of infrastructural maintenance of the Investment, GEO-KAT delivers:

• keeping the area clean and upkeeping the green areas

• additional services / supportive services

Detailed scope of cooperation is always tailored to our Clients’ needs and requirements. Whether we provide a constant or periodic presence of our staff (with a scheduled reaction timespan) in the building, depends solely upon the specifics of the structure. We are open to either one-time commissions or sets of services (settled on a lump sum basis) depending on our Clients’ needs.

Currently we are cooperating with:

• PPPT – Płocki Park Przemyslowo Technologiczny Orlen

• Wylęgarnia Drobiu – Stoczek

• Centralny Węzeł Teleinformatyczny Straży Granicznej w Warszawie

• Budynek PENTA ul. Domaniewska w Warszawie

• CK OCEAN Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego w Warszawie

• CNT OCHOTA Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego w Warszawie

• Budynek Przystanek MBank w Łodzi

• Centrum Handlowe Ogrody w Elblągu

• Budynek LIPSK Warszawskiej Akademii Technicznej w Warszawie

• Komenda Główna Policji w Warszawie

• Budynek biurowy KOMANDORSKA we Wrocławiu

• Siedziba MBank w Warszawie

What we offer :

Low-voltage Installations
BMS and Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficiency
Maintenance and Facility Management
Service Delivery
Delivery of Solutions