We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Low-voltage installations


GEO-KAT provides the services including security systems, fire detection systems, telecommunication systems, BMS and HMS building automation systems.

The experience, equipment facility, design background and the creativity of our team altogether contribute to the effective execution of the tasks ordered. We offer: consultancy, designing, project management, installation execution, integration and commencement as well as maintenance and servicing.

Scope of services:

Fire detection systems
Building security systems
Other low-voltage installations

Fire detection systems:

• Integrated Systems of the Fire Protection • Integrated Systems of the Fire Protection

Modern buildings have various security systems. The most superior system constitutes the Fire Detection System, and the remaining are: Audio Alarm System, Smoke Venting System, Permanent Fire Extinguish Systems, Access Control System. If emergency occurs, they are controlled by the Fire Detection System, in compliance with the acknowledged fire scenario.

GEO-KAT’s advantage is having in its offer complex fire protection systems.
✓ Fire Alarm Systems (SSP)
✓ Audio Alarm Systems (DSO)
✓ Permanent Fire Extinguish Systems (SUG)
✓ Smoke Venting Systems
✓ Phone Fire Protection Systems

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• Fire Alarm Systems (SSP) • Fire Alarm Systems (SSP)

In our times, protection of health and human life is the priority, thus one of the most important security systems constitutes Fire Alarm System (SSP). In case of fire, it alarms and enables enhanced evacuation. It also protects private property. Well-adjusted and configured system, limits the loss in a significant respect.

Fire Alarm Systems’ task is to detect the fire at its most early stage and alarm the appropriate authorities and personnel. It is composed of various detectors and controlling elements. Performs the duties of: smoke detection, fire detection, temperature increase, delivering the right information to the fire head base, which consequently informs about the potential risk.

These systems have also many additional functionalities:
o distinguishing between false and real alarms
o indicating precise data, regarding the location of emergency
o informing the appropriate authorities about the alarm
o commencing the right security procedures – facilitating and acoustic and optical signals starting fire venting, opening the smoke vents, opening the access control zones
o indicating evacuation routes
o printing the occurrence reports and the building blueprints indicating the risk
o visualisation of the system status within the working stations

Within our scope, we also deliver full maintenance of the assembled systems, upgrading and configuration of the existing systems.

GEO-KAT executes Fire Alarm Systems on the basis of among others: ZETTLER, POLON-ALFA, Schrack Seconet, Siemens, ESSER by Honeywell or Bosch systems.

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• Audio Alarm Systems (DSO) • Audio Alarm Systems (DSO)

Audio Alarm Systems enables performing voice messages as warnings against the fire occurrence in the building and enhance competent evacuation. Messages can be conveyed either within the entire building or is particular zones.

Audio Alarm Systems are designed and assembled in a way to enhance their continuous operation in case of an alarm in order to evacuate the building. Solutions we offer are fully integrated with other safety systems, compliant with the European Union requirements. We offer solutions of the top producers like: Ambient System, BOSCH, TOA Electronics, Honeywell.

The assembled systems can also be utilized for the commercial purposes like activate music in the background, play commercials, give update on recent bargains or direct messaged for the selected groups of people.

GEO-KAT also delivers full maintenance of the installed systems, upgrading and configuration of the existing systems.

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• Permanent Fire Extinguish Systems (SUG) • Permanent Fire Extinguish Systems (SUG)

Permanent Fire Extinguish System (SUG) constitutes a permanent system mounted in the building, which holds a stock of fire extinguisher and a device to deliver and store the extinguisher. It is required to install SUG in places where other extinguishing means are forbidden (water, foam, powder) due to the value of stored items. Gas extinguishers do not harm the items or surfaces, they are neutral for the environment and people and do not conduct electricity.

Permanent Fire Extinguish Systems are usually utilized in:
✓ datacentres
✓ power plants and heating plants
✓ electricity distributors
✓ banks,
✓ archives, libraries
✓ museums, historical monuments (in places where items are under protection due to their historic values)
✓ in places, where traditional extinguishers may damage the items or devices

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• Smoke Venting Systems • Smoke Venting Systems

The purpose of the Smoke Venting System is to discharge smoke and heat from the building, particularly from the staircases, corridors or communication routes in order to enable safe evacuation. Lowering the temperature protects the entire building construction against damage and even against collapsing.

Smoke venting also enhances fire extinguishing activities and supports the fire fighters in entering the building.

GEO-KAT offers Smoke Venting Systems of the leading producers like: D+H Polska, Mercor, AFG Elektronika Przemysłowa. Our team designs, install and commission systems in compliance with the laws, tailor them for particular needs and the Investor’s requirements.

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• Phone Fire Protection Systems • Phone Fire Protection Systems

Phone Fire Protection Systems enhance communication between the personnel in the building, security staff and the fire department, both in case of fire risk or during evacuation activities.

Phone Fire Protection System in our offer allow for communication between people having problem while leaving the building and the security staff or the fire department. Simple and effective devices help to summon rescue, locate people in the building or calm down individuals awaiting the rescue.

Fire Telephones are located mainly in staircases vestibules or evacuation corridors. They may be assembled on or beneath the plaster. In order to communicate, one can only open the case door, pick up the phone and await the connection.

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Building security systems:

• Technical Security Management Systems (SMS) • Technical Security Management Systems (SMS)

Security Management System integrates operation of all security systems in the building. Due to it, communication between all security systems is possible, which enhances safety management in the building and advances its level.

Security Management System integrates among others:
✓ Access Control System (SKD),
✓ Intrusion Detection System (SSWiN),
✓ Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV),
✓ and other necessary protection systems

GEO-KAT offers both assembly of particular systems as well as their integration.

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• Access Control Systems (SKD) • Access Control Systems (SKD)

Access Control System limits access to the building or zones for the unauthorised people. It supervises and monitors people or vehicles movement within the premises with the hand of appropriate set of devices under the control of a monitoring system. The solutions may also be upgraded by additional modules, like working hours processing, guests management, they may also be integrated with the parking system, entrance gates or the CCTV.

GEO-KAT offers high-level safety Access Control Systems, coherent with various technologies of access control: prox cards, PINs, biometric readers, finger prints, hand shapes, eye retina and iris, speech and signature, CCTV (photo ID).

We also offer readers based upon Bluetooth technology or NFC, integrated with mobile devices.

Our solutions deliver:
✓ full integration with other security systems in the building
✓ multi-level personnel identification
✓ easily defined areas of access and competence for particular people
✓ constant monitoring and current information from the protected areas
✓ upgrade of the reporting system
✓ blocking or control over people flow in zones based upon current events (emergency situations) or the established schedules
✓ creation of highly dispersed systems and voluminous database
✓ careful adjustment of solutions tailored for the Client’s needs with the possible future upgrade
We offer solutions of the leading producers on the market: Delta Controls, Schneider Electric, HID, BOSCH, Satel, Kantech, JCI

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• Intrusion Detection Systems (SSWiN) • Intrusion Detection Systems (SSWiN)

The idea of the Intrusion Detection System (SSWiN) is the fastest detection of intrusion within the protected area and forwarding the message in order to undertake proper actions. SSWiN constitutes one of the most important elements in the whole structure of the building. Properly configured detects every attempt of break-in or sabotage. Digital protection (movement sensors, magnetic, glass break, etc.) is applied already at the zones entries so that the information about possible burglary was forwarded before the trespasser reaches the protected area.

Such information is stored and forwarded via Security Management System to the appropriate services and locally indicated via standard sound and optical beacons.

The implemented solutions are based upon the devices of manufacturers like: Honeywell, Satel, Vimar, which limits the number of defaults and gives us a high acclamation among our Clients.

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• Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) • Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV)

CCTV systems serve the purpose of monitoring of zones and areas which require protection.

These systems are utilized in order to observe: people’s and cargo movement, communication routes, access routes, entries and special purposes premises. They enable to detect potentially risky situations as well as abandoned items (i.g. leaving a bag with an explosive load) or detection of an item disappearing (theft).

Solutions of the CCTV may be integrated with the Intrusion Detection Systems or/and with Access Control Systems or the Fire Detection Systems, supplementing information about the existing occurrence. They may also individually detect movement acting as an alarm system. Cooperation between CCTV and SSP enables confirmation about the real event and undertaking appropriate actions.

GEO-KAT offers a wide variety of CCTV systems. We deliver analogue solutions as well as modern IP systems, with highly detailed visual features. We can also provide an interesting solution such as hemispheric camera, which allows for a constant 360º observation. We offer solutions of producers like: BOSCH, Panasonic, HIKVISION, NOVUS, AXIS Communications, Pelco by Schneider Electric, Samsung, Sony. We have a team of experts in terms of design and system implementation. We support our Clients in selecting the appropriate and effective solution for a comprehensive protection:
o design works,
o assembly-commission works
o easy defining access areas and competences for particular individuals
o assessment of the existing system and elaboration on the fixing scheme
o full maintenance

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Other low-voltage installations:

• Local Public Address Systems (PA) • Local Public Address Systems (PA)

Local Public Address Systems are meant to reach as many receivers as possible, hence they combine many facilities and are composed of many speakers. They are applied in shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, manufacturing spaces, hotels, etc. They inform people in the building about possible risks and enhance the evacuation process. Moreover, they can be utilized to play music in the background at shopping malls, call a particular person, deliver messages or commercial information.

Our experts always adjust the offer for the Investor’s requirements and suggest solutions based on systems of the leading manufacturers on the market (among others BOSE, JBL, BOSCH, Ambient System), they also assist in the equipment selection: base devices, speaker sets, microphone bases, regulators, RACK cabins and other accessories ... less

• Paging Systems • Paging Systems

A supplement of our offer constitutes Paging Systems, which major task is to enhance communication. The systems installed by GEO-KAT are individually modified and adjusted for the Client’s requirements. We offer solutions of such producers as: Schrack Seconet, ABB, Schima.

These systems are most popular in hospitals, where the buttons are assembled by the patient’s bed, whereas in the doctor’s lounge one can find information panels. In case of emergency, the button immediately summons the caretaker.

Paging systems are also often installed in disabled people buildings (among others: hospitals, day care centres, hotels, shopping malls, stores, etc.)

More and more often, they are installed solely in hotels, where the service personnel can be easily informed about e.g. room cleaning necessity, food order, etc.

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• Structure Cabling Systems (LAN) • Structure Cabling Systems (LAN)

A well designed and executed system of structure cabling enhances realisation of all the requirements in terms of operation of LAN and WAN networks, telephone networking (both analogue and digital) including VoIP as well as integration and data exchange between all telecom systems within the building, including BMS and SMS.

GEO-KAT offers a comprehensive variety of solutions in terms of structural cabling (among others: MMC, R&M, ALANTEC, Commscope, BKT Elektronik, Molex PN). We design and execute LAN network cabling category 5e, 6 and 7. We offer active network devices - concentrators, switches, regenerators, bridges, routers, transceivers, etc. Due to our experience, we can offer most up-to-date solutions of high quality, fulfilling the most demanding requirements.

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• Intercom Systems • Intercom Systems

A development of a classical Intercom System is Video Entry Phone system. It is a modern digital system, which enables mutual communication with the selected apartment as well as the concierge. Such systems enable also internal communication between the apartments.

Video Entry Phone Systems also allow to forward not only voice (the classical system), but also picture giving the opportunity of immediate recognition of the interlocutor.

The most basic version is composed of an entry panel placed by the entrance of the building or a staircase and a terminal installed in the apartment or other room. Such construction of a system allows for a connection between the caller and appropriate apartment via a button or by choosing a number of the apartment on an entry panel.

More complex lobby centres deliver possibilities of a direct connection between the lobby and the apartment as well as direct connection to the apartment. This enhance security of the building and allows for careful monitoring of unwanted connections or call for help or other rescue services in sudden cases. Intercoms and Video Entry Phone Systems often are assembled by entry-and exits barriers of the buildings. It allows for easier communication with the security, lowers personal costs and limits timespan in case of an emergency of all kinds.

GEO-KAT offers a wide variety of such solutions. Solutions we deliver may be equipped not only with a camera and a classical terminal (monochromatic or colourful) with a receiver, but also with a touch panel. We are able to adjust all solutions in terms of functionality as well as price.

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• Audio-Video Systems • Audio-Video Systems

GEO-KAT offers solutions of the leading producers like Samsung, Panasonic. Our engineers design, upgrade, install and commission all Audio-Video Systems, adjusted to the requirements of our customers. We execute:

o Conference systems
Nowadays, long-distance cooperation has become a regular basis. The quality of sound and picture plays a vital role with such communication. Thus, GEO-KAT offers best possible solutions in order to enhance absolutely comfortable connection.

o Projectors and Screens
Multimedia presentations constitute a very interesting idea but also bring necessity to use professional equipment, delivering best quality picture and sound. The method of delivery significantly influence receiving the content. We support in selecting appropriate equipment in terms of means, resolution, room dimensions, mobility, etc.

o Audio Systems
Professional sound system nowadays constitutes a part of modern investments. In our offer, we have a wide variety of devices: all kinds of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, sound sources, audio matrix, installation accessories, etc.

o Video Systems
Presenting the picture via telecom networks enables also visualisation of advertisements and commercials and all kinds of other information

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• Parking Systems • Parking Systems

We also offer Parking Systems allowing for a competent management of parking lots up to several thousands of vehicles. We install parking systems which by optimizing parking lot operation at the same time enhance the users’ safety.

We offer professional assembly and commissioning of the parking systems, including parking barriers, automatic cashiers, access and exit terminals, ticket machines and other elements of the system. We cooperate with producers like: Trimar, CityPark, PolChip.

Apart from the Parking Systems, we also install CCTV systems in the parking lots, in order to efficiently act against damaging and stealing properties, which ultimately leads to safety increase. The stored information allows for solving all kinds of conflicts, pinpoint the vehicle perpetrator or other items in the vehicle.

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• People Counting Systems • People Counting Systems

GEO-KAT also offers People Counting Systems, which support commercial and marketing actions by registration of people visiting particular building. By utilizing the People Counter, it is possible to estimate the number of visiting people in shopping malls and stores, participants of all kinds of events, exhibition guests, museum, art gallery and libraries goers.

These systems are installed in places allowing for precise counting of passer-by’s and those entering the stores. These countings constitute basis for reports, and we can verify the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or an advertisement. The outcome analysis allows for precise indication and verification of all the data.

Utilizing the People Counting Systems may also help in verifying the attractive localisation of the store, comparing different locations.

On this data we can also verify the intensity volume and thus create best personnel schedule. It allows for an effective human resources management.

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• Gas Detection Systems (CO, LPG) • Gas Detection Systems (CO, LPG)

The purpose of Gas Detection System is to indicate dangerous volume of gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc.) as well as to operate various devices in order to protect against blasts, to secure personal health and human life.

In case of multi-level parking lots, the best solution is to use digital detectors, which enable full supervision and diagnostics. While protecting huge structures, it is sufficient to use economical detectors with the analogue communication into the venting system.

It is essential to inform users about the risk. This can happen in different ways. In case of small and medium buildings, we can apply warning boards with appropriate message about the risk or a sound signal. In case of huge buildings, besides warning boards, one applies central monitoring systems, which can display information about the risk in a graphic for.

The proper exploitation of the detection system requires regular operational check-ups. The user is supplied with a detailed description of procedures of the regular system control as well as undertaking actions in case of malfunction.

We operate of solutions of producers as GAZEX, Atest-Gaz. For every building, we suggest most optimal solutions in terms of functionality and economics.

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• Dynamic Passenger Information Systems • Dynamic Passenger Information Systems

Currently, there is a big struggle in urbanistic areas in terms of traffic, thus we emphasize more and more the development of urban communication transport. In order to encourage people to use this means of transport, we constantly develop quality of such services, via among others implementation of the Dynamic Passenger Information System.

The purpose of such System is to inform passengers about the scheduled departure time, based upon the realistic vehicle location. The LED or LCD board displays information like: line number, direction, time to departure or other important information from the dispatcher. GEO-KAT’s experts work on solutions of such producers as R&G Plus, WASKO. System implementation also improves the transporter’s image in a significant way.

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