We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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Electrical Installations


Our mission is to deliver complex investment designs in terms of electricity, lighting, telecom engineering, automation and control systems based upon modern technologies and solutions, which ensure our Clients’ safety and the highest standard of utilisation.

We deliver services in terms of technical consultancy, thorough execution of electrical, telecom, automation and control systems.

Our field of expertise constitutes servicing medium and voluminous investment in terms of energy, industry, public use facilities, sports and commercial facilities, etc. We also execute modernisation, renovation and preservation works as well as maintenance and servicing of electrical and telecom installations.
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What distinguishes us in our field is our commitment, enthusiasm and energy of work as well as high effectiveness in reaching our goals. Each ordered task is considered a challenge we accept and meet, and its indicators constitute high values of our services, on-time delivery and above all the Clients’ full content.

Answering the market expectations, GEO-KAT delivers thorough execution of electrical installations, beginning with transformer substations, through complex lighting control networks.

In scope of Electrical Installations we offer:

• Electrical installation design
• Transformer substations assembly
• Prefabrication of low-voltage distribution panels
• Grounding installations, equipotential earthing, lightning protection systems
• Cable routes installations
• Internal power supply lines
• Three-phase power system and plug-in sockets
• General internal and external lighting and emergency lighting installations
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In scope of Electrical Installations we offer:

Electrical installations design
Transformer substations assembly
Prefabrication of low-voltage distribution panels
Grounding installations, equipotential earthing,
lightning protection systems
Cable routes installations
Internal power supply lines
Three-phase power system and plug-in sockets
General internal and external lighting
and emergency lighting installations

Electrical installations design:

GEO-KAT has its own Design Department, with numerous licenced specialists with great experience in terms of designing and execution of electrical installations. Design Department cooperates in every realisation process, including the orders when we acquire a ready realisation design from the Client. Thus, our contribution is that we are able to suggest the most appropriate technical solution for a complete design, hence decreasing the cost and volumizing the functionality of installations.

We are fully aware that installation begins with the design, which affects functionality of its future execution and costs of its usage, therefore we heavily emphasise this part of our services.

Transformer substations assembly:

Due to a high computing power it is necessary in many buildings to apply transformer substation, which consists of a medium voltage switchgear, a transformer, a main low voltage switchgear, a measuring system and adjusted connectors between these devices. We also deliver assembly of the transformer substations, which we realize on the bases of highly professional products of specialized manufacturers.

Prefabrication of low-voltage distribution panels:

GEO-KAT has highly qualified specialists in terms of prefabrication and its own well-equipped technical facility, which enables assembly of low-voltage distribution panels up to 1000A. We have begun our services in 2012 and at the beginning we mainly delivered low-voltage distribution panels for the building automation installations.

We have always emphasized high technical quality and the visual assets of execution, which was highly appreciated by our Clients and allowed for acquiring better equipment for our workshop, which among other allow for time decrease of assembly. We execute distribution panels based upon own designs as well as designs delivered for realisation.

In case of designs delivered for realisation, each distribution panel is a subject of verification by the Designer and the Prefabrication Engineer, whose obligation is to determine the correctness of the selected devices, method of their assembly, method of heat discharge, current and short-circuit carrying capacity, and subsequently execute the distribution panel shop design.

We are well aware that each distribution panel constitutes one of the most important and most expensive items of electrical installations, hence security, correct measurements and reliability are vital.

Grounding installations, equipotential earthing, lightning protection systems:

Grounding and equipotential earthing installations are inevitable connected to the electrical installations, constructed in order to level the voltage in conducting parts within the property, which highly influences the decrease of electrical current shock. Construction of each building begins with the execution of so called foundation earthing. If it fails to happen, it is essential to perform artificial earthing in the form of band grounding grid. System of groundings and equipotential earthings is connected altogether in a main grounding station.

Grounding installations’ purpose is to protect against thunderbolt shock during lightning storms. They are usually executed in forms of horizontal network of rods on roofs, connected to the ground and assembled with the main grounding of the building.

GEO-KAT delivers grounding installations and equipotential earthing in scope of design and execution.

Cable routes installations:

Cable routes installations are executed in order to simplify cabling distribution on the property via all kinds of cable ducts, cable racks and channels. A well-designed cable route highly effects the diminishing costs of installation execution, the installation safety and shortens the execution time of the entire electrical installation. GEO-KAT specialises in designing and execution of cable routes for electrical and telecon installations.

Internal power supply lines:

Internal power supply lines constitute main power supply backbone within the section of the structure’s main distribution panel in the direction of next interchange nods (nn structure distribution panels). They are executed mostly in forms of busbars or voluminous cables, which derives from the power consumption plan of the devices to be powered.

We deliver services in scope of the internal power supply lines in form of busbars or using cables.

Three-phase power system and plug-in sockets:

Electrical installations divide into two groups of installations: lighting and three-power and plug-in sockets systems. The latter serve the purpose of powering the receiving devices, tipped with a direct cable connection with the device or a socket.

GEO-KAT delivers three-phase power systems as plug-in sockets in scope of design and execution.

General internal and external lighting and emergency lighting installations:

Lighting installations can be divided into two main categories: general lighting and emergency lighting. General lighting serves the purpose of light supplying during the general power supply conditions. They have to be designed and executed with the upkeeping of appropriate lighting parameters for a particular room.

A modern lighting installation more and more often is included in the building automation system, which allows for significant cost reductions in electrical power usage.

Emergency lighting can be divided into spare and evacuation lighting. It supplies lighting to the zones with the general lighting loss and thus should be equipped with its own power supply.

GEO-KAT delivers services in designing and execution of the emergency lighting.

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Low-voltage Installations
BMS and Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficiency
Maintenance and Facility Management
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