We deliver maintenance and service repairs, warranty and post-warranty performance in the entire country.

We deliver maintenance of security systems in compliance with the binding regulations and the producers’ guidelines.

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What we offer



GEO-KAT offers a variety of services in order to provide a thorough project realisation in the scope of low-voltage installations, BMS and building automation systems, electrical installations, energy efficiency and telecommunication.

Our vast experience, equipment facility and design background altogether allow to implement new technologies and deliver functional and modern solutions. We support our Clients in the fields of: consultancy, designing, project management, installation execution, integration and commencement as well as maintenance and servicing.

Low-voltage Installations

GEO-KAT provides the services including security systems, fire detection systems, telecommunication systems, BMS and HMS building automation systems…

BMS and Building Automation Systems

For the past 15 years, GEO-KAT has been delivering complex solutions regarding building automation…


Our mission is to deliver complex investment designs in terms of electricity, lighting, telecom engineering, automation and control systems based upon modern technologies and solutions, which ensure our Clients’ safety and the highest standard of utilisation…

Energy Efficiency

In scope of the energy efficiency, GEO-KAT offers integrated solutions, allowing for reduction of operational cost for enterprises, buildings or installations with the implementation of solution increasing the energy efficiency…


We deliver services regarding the construction and maintenance of the telecom infrastructure, ICT systems and data processing centres considering international standards and field norms, including very strict guidelines no. ANSI/TIA-942Bfor structures with the Rated 3/Tier III and Rated 4/Tier IV certificates…

Maintenance and Facility Management

GEO-KAT offers not only design, installation and commission works. Our scope of services includes also servicing support like: servicing inspections and commission works, warranty and post-warranty inspections of telecom systems as well as others systems in our offer…

Service Delivery

Through a constant analysis of the market and its rapidly evolving requirements, GEO-KAT offers its Clients a wide variety of installation works of all the systems in our offer…

Delivery of Solutions

Acknowledging the best possible quality of its services, GEO-KAT cooperates with the leading manufacturers of the equipment and complex fire detection systems…